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Meet my clients. See their results. Imagine your future.

Nitin Ramlall


A 10 fold increase in clientele and almost doubling of fees…

“It’s amazing to see Vik channel his brilliance into something he is so passionate about. It’s his clients who get to reap the rewards!

I was such a client who used Vik’s coaching, teaching, and mentorship to turn my life around. Over 10 sessions and after many months of training, analysis, and development, I learned to see life and work in a different way. What makes Vik stand out is his ability to blend hope with hard work – he provides a step by step guide on how to achieve your goals through self improvement and self analysis, backed by industry research and supplemented with highly organized planning & preparation.

I was able to build my own business and achieve stellar results by end the end of my first year of operation. A 10 fold increase in clientele and almost doubling of fees, WHILE harnessing these business skills to acquire a consultant role at a leading global bank. The ability to confidently explain my skill set in those interviews came directly from Vik’s adept and thoughtful coaching.

He will even figure out ways to make you laugh along the way! Vik is just a genuinely good man who cares about helping one follow their dreams. My life is better for it and I would UNEQUIVOCALLY recommend you hire Vik as your coach today!”

Thomas M. Vitlo

Manager, Dispute Consulting, Stout Risius Ross, Inc.

I was incredibly impressed at how important my success was to him

“Genuine, passionate, and thorough are three words I would use to describe Vik. He makes you feel like you’ve been friends for years, actively listens when you are speaking, and asks thought-provoking follow-up questions in order to dig deeper into your strengths.

This past year, I enlisted Vik’s help in taking my career up to a new level. I was incredibly impressed during our first coaching session at how important my success was to him. My career advancement became his in such a short amount of time. He took a vested ownership in me and it allowed me to open up to him easily, for him to recommend new leadership and management techniques, and to follow-up in later sessions about what was working and what needed to be adjusted. I’ve implemented several changes that we talked about during our coaching session in my job to great success. One of my favorite parts of working with Vik was his ability to end each session with both of us fired up. After it became a pattern of ending sessions with bursts of adrenaline, I made a conscious effort to schedule our sessions in the early evening so that I could get to sleep at a reasonable time!

I would recommend Vik to anyone and I encourage you to contact me directly if you have further questions.”

Emad Anvar

Sr. Developer

I’ve received better guidance From Vik than From anyone else I have ever talked to about personal goals and issues

“It’s rare to meet a career coach like Vik who really kills it at what he does. I’ve had the privilege of being his client for six months and received better guidance, and more in-depth knowledge about myself, than anyone else I have ever talked to about personal goals and issues.

Vik was excellent at helping me understand my strengths and weaknesses without judgement. He helped me channel my strengths to achieve my goals in a way that maximized my results. I now know why I respond the way I do, and why I get frustrated, both at work and in my personal life. This has been an enormous eye-opener! I’ve been able to clearly explain to my boss what I do well, what I don’t do as well, and what I need most to complete my assignments faster. I also appreciate people who have very different strengths than mine a lot more, and I’m more patient with them too. I know when I need to dial down my executing strengths and dial up my strategic thinking strengths so I’m not rushing to get everything done.

Vik clearly loves coaching and took a deep responsibility for my growth and success. He spent tons of time carefully preparing for each session (so that I got the most out of each session), and then spent extensive time right after each session typing up a well-thought-out summary for me to refer to. He’s extremely attentive to detail. Vik genuinely cared about me, in contrast to some psychologists and doctors out there who only seem interested in you in the one hour they see you and then are eager to get rid of you so they can move to the next client.

Anyone, no matter how senior or extensive his/her professional experience, would be lucky to have Vik as a coach in his/her professional or personal life. I have already recommended Vik’s coaching to people closest to me.”

Brian McKeon

Project Manager

Strengths coaching helped me land a job that paid 20% more, and transition into an intrinsically rewarding role

“Strengths coaching helped me discover self-assurance, renewed confidence, and the ability to make decisions and assert opinions that persuade senior decision makers. Those behaviors resulted in a new professional role earning 20% more, and intrinsically rewarding work that put me on course to accomplish meaningful life goals.

In the past few years, I heard several colleagues who had achieved career victories mention that they had hired a coach. Skeptical, was I! But then I heard our Vice President list “strengths coaching” as one way to accelerate a career – along with earning an MBA or obtaining a professional certification such as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

So, I met with two other coaches, but they did not seem to understand my situation as a project manager in a large IT firm, even though both of them had worked in similar organizations.

In Vik Mittal, I found a professional colleague who had already achieved tremendous personal success and appeared sincere about sharing a methodology. I committed to complete ten sessions with Vik, but remained skeptical.

Finally, by my sixth conversation with Vik, I began to see how coaching can catapult one ahead in life. Vik helped me zero in on intrinsically rewarding activities and reprioritize. Applying the lessons from strengths coaching helped me land a job that paid 20% more, and transition into an intrinsically rewarding role as an adjunct instructor teaching project management to engineering students.

Seemed like all Vik did was listen intently and ask powerful questions. By observing and listening, he immediately saw that what I found intrinsically rewarding was teaching, and encouraged me to pursue working as an adjunct instructor. He also helped me recognize patterns of behavior in my life and see how I could connect the dots to maximize opportunity.

Today, I have faith in my strengths and abilities and know that I can take risks, meet new challenges, stake claims, and deliver. Perhaps the most valuable takeaway, is best summarized in Gallup’s description of self-assurance: the inner sense of certainty that, like the keel of a ship, my self-assurance can withstand pressures and keep me on course.”

Nitesh Batra

Co-Founder of The Mindful Initiative

Vik helped me understand how I can have a more fulfilling career that is also economically viable

“As a coach and guide, Vik understands you at a human level, takes time to listen to who you are and what you want. Vik was a mirror who was really honest and helped me see who I truly am. At the same time, he was compassionate enough to work with my limitations.

Over the five months we worked together, he helped me understand how I can have a more fulfilling career that is also economically viable.

Two things really stood out during our sessions – Firstly, Vik’s innate ability to be analytical and see things at an abstract level and at the same time understand what actions are needed at a microscopic level to get things done. Secondly, I really cherished his summary and recap emails of our sessions that would capture the true essence of our sessions. Even after many months I sometimes go back and re-read these emails.

I would highly recommend Vik as a coach to anyone who is looking to transform his or her career, especially to anyone who is going through a difficult time at work or looking to make a change but unsure as to where to start or to go.”

Joshua Winters

Senior Accountant

Vik’s coaching is nothing short of life-changing!

After years of wear under the strains of a high-stress job, I was losing all sense of self.  I was so bogged down with work, that my friends (even my family) stopped calling.  I had no hobbies, no interests, no energy—and for what?  I wasn’t getting rich and my work was not rewarding.  I felt trapped by the time, money, sweat, and tears I had committed to a career that was not turning out to be what I had dreamed it would be.  I had no clue what I wanted to do—much less what I was meant to be—but I knew the path I was on would lead me to lose all that matters most to me.

A concerned and trusted confidant introduced me to Vik, who empathized with my circumstances perfectly—he had been in my shoes and had learned of a proven method to first discover and then become the most effective version of myself.  Vik would later teach me a new framework for understanding myself and others—a framework that would serve as a lens through which to view the working world and my relationship with it.  He challenged me in ways I could not have expected and I am astonished at the personal and professional growth that I’ve experienced.

As of this writing, I have been working with Vik for three months.  In this short time I have experienced a drastic improvement in my energy levels and motivation (both at work and at home).  Perhaps more importantly, I have come to truly understand the cause of energy and motivation and have learned to seek out fulfillment in my current role (to experience more happiness now) and know with high confidence exactly what to look for in my next role (to continue growing joy in the future).

On a very concrete note, Vik is a concerned and responsible coach.  He understands that each of his clients have unique needs—personal, professional, and family.  Vik’s coaching does not teach one to simply find contentment in poverty (i.e. discover that my true passion is to be a shepherd and then learn to be happy living in want).  I hired Vik because his passion and drive are inspiring, he is incredibly insightful, all while maintaining his firm pragmatic footing—planning a responsible transition from where I am to where I am meant to be, which includes providing for my family all along the way.

I cannot praise Vik highly enough to do justice to what his guidance has done for me.  I’m so grateful to Vik—for excellence in coaching, helping me to re-discover myself, discover new aspects of myself, and for truly being a friend when I really needed one.  Take a chance on Vik; he’s a safe bet!